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You Can Do Anything But Not Everything!!!

Posted by Abhijit Kar on 08/01/2009

Friends , very good article by Keith H. Hammonds on David Allen , “Productivity Guru” and the creator of the “Getting Things Done” time management method.Click on the following link to read the article

Link To Article


5 Responses to “You Can Do Anything But Not Everything!!!”

  1. Nice post. Agree with a lot of what you say here. I am going to link to your post in my weekly shout out at



  2. I found this via a link from Andrew’s Facebook. I have read the book GTD. Great article.

  3. benbrennan said

    Right on!

  4. indiandinosaurs said

    There are quite a few online GTD applications available and out of 10/12 i tried ,4 are quite satisfactory.Look at the side bar for links.

  5. […] fifth and last link for this week is a link to an article titled You Can Do Anything but Not Everything from the Indian Dinosaur blog. This is a great, and lengthy post about a persons view on […]

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